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Chess Genius (Windows Mobile) - save 30%

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 22, 2010 3:27 am    Post subject: Chess Genius (Windows Mobile) - save 30% Reply with quote

Chess Genius (Windows Mobile) - save 30% from

Chess Genius (Windows Mobile)

ChessGenius, award winning chess program for Windows Mobile. Packed with features for beginners and experts: 30 playing levels including easy and blitz - Chess clocks - Move record - Display of thinking - Save/load game. Superb playing strength. The authors chess programs have won ten world championships.

Features include:
Powerful, compact and fast.
Free updates for registered users.
The board display shows chess clocks, move record and 'thinking' information.
Hint. ChessGenius can suggest a move for you.
Big chessboard option. Choose between two chessboard sizes.
Set up position.
Thirty playing levels. 10 'easy', 10 'blitz' and 10 time per move.
Understands the rules of chess including: draw by repetition, 50 move rule, en passant, castling, under-promotion etc.
Take-back moves, also step-forward and replay game. The up/down keys or directional pad can be used.
ChessGenius can play against itself or allow two player games.
Analyze game. Like two player but ChessGenius calculates continuously and shows its thinking.
Save and Load games. Games are saved in PGN format. Multiple games per file. Easy import and export to PC programs.
Permanent brain option for even stronger play.
Tutor Option. ChessGenius will warn if a blunder or weak move is played and give the option of takeback.
Show legal moves and display board coordinate options.
Full support for Landscape, Square, QVGA, VGA and WVGA displays.
Tested and certified "Windows Mobile Ready"
Improved graphics and new piece sets. 5 piece sets in two sizes.
Optimized for Windows Mobile 6.1 devices with better support for all the new screen resolutions.
Runs on all Windows Mobile devices - with and without touchscreen.

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